Often Ensemble is a great traditional music band for your event.

Off'n Ensemble

eclectic traditional music


The following links are to demo recordings of Off'n Ensemble.  The full demo is five minutes and seven seconds in length. Clips 1, 2 and 3 break the full demo into smaller pieces for faster download : 

Full demo:  The full demo includes short clips of eleven different tracks.   

Clip 1:  Clip 1 includes the first four tracks of the full demo.

Clip 2:  Clip 2 includes the next four tracks of the full demo.

Clip 3:  Clip 3 includes the final three tracks of the full demo.

If the above mp3 files do not work for you, here are links to the full demo, clip1, clip 2 and clip 3 in .wma format.

Often Ensemble, hammered dulcimer tuning pegs